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  • Westbrook House  1996 - The Westbrook House is a 2713 square foot energy and resource efficient house designed by Paul Westbrook. Completed in 1996 in Fairview, Texas (near Dallas), the house has been a model of energy and resource efficiency. The house design was awarded the 1996 NAHB Energy Value Housing Award for Innovative Design. The home was designed using integrative design principles and features passive solar design, solar water heating, a geothermal heat pump, and solar electric generation.
  • Texas Instruments RFAB  2004-08 - This 1.1 million square foot facility was the first LEED Gold semiconductor manufacturing plant in the world. Completed in 2006 in Richardson, Texas it set new industry benchmarks for the low cost of construction and the significant improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Texas Instruments Global Energy Efficiency  2006-2016 - Established metrics, programs, and processes to systematically reduce energy consumption across 22 million square feet of global manufacturing and office space. Doubled TI's energy efficiency in nine years which saved tens of millions of dollars per year. The average project simple payback was less than 2 years.
  • Semiconductor Fab in Taiwan  2018, October – Led a 3 day energy efficiency design session for a large new semiconductor factory planned for Taiwan. Identified over 250 million kWh in annual savings possible with short payback. Developed system metrics targets and best practice guides for this >$40B company.
  • Dallas Based Corporation 2017, April – Completed a strategic plan and best practices guides to help a $4+ billion dollar Dallas based company implement an energy and water savings strategy for multiple sites in North America. Analyzed their past use and cost data to help set priorities.
  • Net Zero Grocery Story Design 2017, July – Participated in a design Charrette in Toronto, Canada with a large grocer to develop a path to net zero energy grocery stores.
  • Sustainable/Energy Consulting 2020 - Worked with a defense electronics company on the design of a new manufacturing facility / clean room to greatly reduce energy use.
  • Sustainable/Energy Consulting 2023 - Worked with a US based company to assess one existing facility for energy, water, and sustainability improvements. Provided guidance and a best practices toolkit.

Radical Efficiency, LLC


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